Monday, March 30, 2009

France blog

Saturday- Met family, went to an awesome Frenchie concert, and slept.
Sunday- Went bike riding, Went to skate park and ice skating rink and rode bikes around Strasburg.
Monday- Had a wacky time at school, was taken on a boat tour of Strasburg and had a walking tour of the massive churches, and had a beast mode time with all the Americans.
Tuesday- Went to the concentration camp and the deportation museum. Pretty boring but interesting none-the-less. Kind of sad when you think about how many people were killed and how they were used. Soccer with Antoine and Phillipe was cool until Cole had the skill to kick the ball onto the roof (Good kick though dont get me wrong.) Also had some fish and shrimp and rice concoction for dinner. It was pretty good.
Wednesday- Went to school with the French kids and was interviewed in their English class. Then we had a massive volleyball tournament and my team got second place. Got a sweet shirt too. And then we went outside and waited for the French kids while they presented there midterms where apparently the teachers graded them pretty harshly. After this we went shopping and I bought some beast Adidas soccer clothes and some sweet Quiksilver shirts for a nice sale they had in the store.
Thursday-Went to a beast castle in France about an hour away from Strasbourg. Got into an arguement with Sam Darakjy about the date it was built and I said it was built around the 1200s and he said it was made in the 1400s, I was right. =D Anywho, the castle was awesome and old and smelly all at the same time. The only thing that was bad was the dirty tour guide that could not speak the slightest amount of English.
Friday-Saw President Obama of the United States of America!!!
Saturday/Sunday-In the Alps in Switzerland!!! Awesome because I went sledding and I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt with snow less than 2 feet from me. I also got some sun. The cabin was awesome and the owners were really nice. And, the five hour drive was exciting too.
Monday- Paris!!! Awesome but stupid. Being in a tour bus with a crappy tour guide all day was retarded. The only good part of the entire trip was the Eiffel Tower and that was because we could do what we wanted. Anway, Paris was an overall good experience. I am really glad that I was able to go.
Tuesday- Bowling and the European Parliament. Parliament was funny at first but after about 10 minutes it became overwhelming. The guides English was terrible and he repeated a word close to 5 times before saying another and, he repeated the same sentences over and over only in different ways. It was good at the end though because we got to the largest assembly room in Europe and the walls on the other side of the room were like buffers for his voice and we did not have to listen to him. Bowling was cool too. I won the second game and got second place the first game even with people stepping over the line whe I bowled so that I got a strike but it counted as a foul and it did not count towards my points.
Wednesday- Brithday and Europapark!! Beast rides like Silver Star and Bluefire are awesome
Thursday- Went to a pottery place and then some relaxation spa place. Pottery was boring and the spa was awesome despite the fact that some old dudes were free-balling outside of the nude area.
Friday- Thursday was last day with groups and spent the entire day with most of the americans and host students in the park playing soccer and talking.
Saturday- Last day in France, went shopping with a few americans and with my host students.
Sunday- Waking up at 4:00 or so in the morning and then going to take some flights and all day to get back to Wilmington and my bed.